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L.M. Foundation - Our Community Work

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The L.M. Foundation believes in helping the community. Getting to know the neighbors is the responsibility we all have to take care of each other. By Feeding the hungry, clothing those that need. Meet some of the people in the community!


The L.M. Foundation enjoys connecting with the community, with our back to school supply drives, picking up clothing to give to those in need, standing in silence with the survivors of domestic violence with the Clothesline Project, or with our annual Walk Against Domestic Violence. Working with our youths in the community brings us such joy through our mentoring program or by helping to send them to school with our Different Is Beautiful Scholarship program. Our children have such great talent, we help give them a platform to shine to show off their talents.

L.M. Foundation also, wants to make certain that children have a wonderful Christmas by having it's annual toy drive. Giving a helping hand to those in need is what we enjoy to do. Continue to follow us through the community.

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