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KNOW THE SIGNS AND TYPES OF ABUSE - Dial 9-1-1 if you're in danger.

  • Domestic violence can take different forms, but its purpose is always the same: Abusers want to control their domestic partners through fear. They do this by abusing them physically, sexually, psychologically, verbally, and economically.

  • Coercion: Making the victim feel guilty, Sulking, Manipulating children and other family members; Always insisting on being right; Making up impossible rules and punishing the victim for breaking them.

  • Domestic Violence does not only apply to women and children. Men are often abused by their partner.

  • Harassment: Following or stalking, Embarrassing the victim in public, Constantly checking up on the victim, Refusing to leave when asked.

  • Physical Abuse: Hitting, Slapping, Kicking, Choking, Pushing, Punching, Beating.

  • Economic Control: Not paying bills, Refusing to give the victim money, Not letting the victim work, Interfering with the victim’s job; Prohibiting the victim from going to school; Not allowing the, victim to learn a job skill; Refusing to work and support the family.

  • Verbal Abuse: Constant criticism, Mocking, Making humiliating remarks, Yelling, Swearing, Name-calling, Interrupting.

  • Abusing Trust: Lying, Breaking promises, Withholding important information, Being unfaithful, Being overly jealous, Not sharing domestic responsibilities.

  • Sexual Abuse: Forcing sex on an unwilling partner; Demanding sexual acts that the victim does not want to perform; Degrading treatment.

  • Isolation: Making it hard for the victim to see friends and relatives, Monitoring phone calls, Reading mail, Controlling where the victim goes, Taking the victim’s car keys, Destroying the victim’s passport.

  • Threats and Intimidation: Threatening to harm the victim, the children, family members and pets, using physical size to intimidate, Shouting, Keeping weapons and threatening to use them.

  • Emotional Withholding: Not expressing feelings, Not giving compliments, Not paying attention, Not respecting the victim’s feelings, rights and opinions, Not taking the victim’s concerns seriously.

  • Destruction of Property: Destroying furniture, Punching walls, Throwing or breaking things, Abusing pets.

  • Self-Destructive Behaviors: Abusing drugs or alcohol, Threatening self-harm or suicide, Driving recklessly, Deliberately doing things that will cause trouble.


1-800-799-SAFE (7233) Trained advocates are available to take your calls through this toll free, 24/7 hotline.


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